"Øleg&Kaśka, a Polish duo who identify themselves as an individual and singular superorganism, was founded in the summer of 2018, at a time, when Greta Thunberg organized her first protest under the Swedish parliament, and the ecological disaster was ignorantly referred to in the mainstream as a mere “crisis.” (...) is nothing more than a pleading cry from Millennial artists who are being slowly killed by the present. The collapsing colonnades of ancient buildings, the heat of the Earth, the smell of burning plastic – the apocalyptic imagination engages all the senses, seizing our thinking completely. The artists turned their fears into imagining their escape from what is coming. And what is coming is war, more social protests and revolts; as a result of global warming, water will reach people’s throats. But, importantly, Øleg&Kaśka do not play artistic activism. (...) They do not moralize the viewer nor do they call for a change in our behavior and conversion of our beliefs. The reason is that they do not put their hope in a global (or, better, planetary) change, but in what is beyond the decaying planet. The Earth is now only a cemetery of ideas as well as civilizational and cultural achievements.”

Daria Grabowska

Upcoming solo exhibitions:


Gdansk City Gallery, in duo with Zofia Pałucha, Poland, TBA

Berlinskej Model, Prague, Czech Republic, TBA

Selected solo exhibitions:



Ashes to Ashes, both in :SKALA Gallery, Poznan, Poland, and online
Come Out and Play, together with Jan Możdżyński,  Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland


Z FILES, offsite exhibition at an undetermined time & location

Is it too late now to say sorry? Hotel Polonez, Poznan, Poland. In frames of Poznań Art Week 2019

Selected group exhibitions


Warsaw under Construction, MoMA, Warsaw, Poland (02.10.2020 - 17.01.2021)

Pandemic consequences: dreams, Serce Człowiek Gallery, Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2020 (01-17.10.2020)

SURVIVAL 18. Art Review, The City Pumping Station, Wrocław, Poland
Warsaw Preview, Jazdów, Warsaw

A Dream Within a Dream, offsite exhibition curated by DZIDY DUO, Warsaw, Poland

Art now in #quarantine, instagram group show, SPACE NOUVELLE


Valentine’s Rendez-Vous vol.2, as an artist and curator, Minus1.artspace, Katowice, Poland

Poland of Our Dreams, Aleje Ujazdowskie 8, Warsaw, Poland
We Are Enough, Already, durning Museum Night, Former Meet Factory, Poznan, Poland 
SURVIVAL 17. Art Review, Under Pressure, Aleja Wisniowa 36, Wrocław, Poland

Ewa Partum. My Gallery is an idea, exhibition after Open Call Film as Idea, Film as Film, Film as Art, Galeria Studio, Warsaw, Poland


Interes, together with Potencja Gallery and other guests, during Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018, Warsaw, Poland

It’s all water over the dam, Wolne Pokoje at Chaos w Domu Polskim Gallery, Gdynia, Poland

Festival Neuer Kunst, Labirynt, Frankfurt [O]/ Słubice, Germany, Poland
The Island, Performatic action in frames of art fairs Nówka Sztuka, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland



Brno Artist in Residence, Czech Republic  (11-12.2020)

Self-House Residency, residency program for artist and curators in self-isolation (03.2020)


University of the Arts Poznan, Poland, graduate of the Intermedia faculty (led by Daniel Koniusz) and Painting faculty (Dominik Lejman studio), MFA 2020

University of West Attica, Athens, Greece, 2019 (visiting student)

competitions, grants and publications:

Finalists of the international competition for intermedia art work ICIA, Karków, Poland, 2018

Scholarship for the best students, awarded by the Head of the University of Arts in Poznan 2018-19 (annual), Poznan, Poland

Scholarship for the best students, awarded by the Head of the University of Arts in Poznan 2019-20 (annual), Poznan, Poland


Artists in pandemic times #1, online group publication, published by SZUM Magazine, 02.04.2020

Łałok 4, group publication, published by Potencja Gallery, 2020
Young Alphabet, article published in SZUM Magazine, issue 27/2019, p.43

Artists page, Øleg&Kaśka, SZUM Magazine, issue 26/2019, p. 143

Łałok 3, group publication, published by Potencja Gallery. Premiere in Artist Run Space Groszowe Sprawy, Warsaw, Poland, 2019

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