About the project: 

The Smell of Eruption - a decadent fragrance created for a citizen of the so-called first world, aims to raise the question of shared responsibility. Recently, very dynamic changes in the social field have prompted us to reflect on the essence of passivity. Can we have any real impact on stopping the planet's destruction process by sitting in our city apartments and scrolling news on climate change on our iPhones?

While we are currently experiencing a strong ecological turn, we do not take any significant action. Any attempts to undertake a discussion in the media are immediately politicized and then thrown into a bag with a properly assigned name: left-wing / right-wing.

In this sense of helplessness, we still consume a continuous amount of products imported from China or Bangladesh. We are even bombarded with information on purchasing products originating in China and whose production emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide. We equally consciously buy clothes from Bangladesh-type countries, where employees in extreme conditions work constantly in the production of clothing, for just a few dollars a day. Europe's strong voice on climate change is an echo that remains unanswered. Instead of changes and effective action plans, one can only feel the apparent sense of absolution because we segregate garbage and try to reduce the carbon footprint and, above all, we are still talking about the climate.

The pressure is increasing and there are no results. Instead of fighting for the common good of the planet, conflicts are becoming more and more acute. There are more and more voices in the media suggesting that we are being deceived, that there is no climate change. People succumb to extreme and dangerous ideologies, they hate each other and the media and politicians are setting people on each other. At a time when we should work together for the good of our common future, we begin to build more and more divisions.
If a person is not able to give up the views and own ego, and simply to cooperate at the level of one country, how can we do it at the level of the whole globe? So, how to limit CO2 production and stop the magical temperature rise by a few degrees? We still consume the same amount, and thus there is still high demand. We know about the existing threats, but this does not mean that we will not order a dozen or so new products from aliexpress. Instead of looking for new solutions together, we are only looking for the guilty ones, falling into ever greater apathy.


This is the product The Smell of Eruption, it symbolizes Western society which, leaning toward a decline, repeatedly follows the same pattern. The society is distinguished only by the fact that it can do it with "class", after all, it is a highly developed civilization. The perfume is therefore a symbol of a society which knowing that it is falling, does nothing to save itself. It doesn't give up its own comfortable lifestyle. Julia Halperin, commenting on the Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, wrote: ‘This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with something much more human: resignation, self-absorption, laziness’. 

And it is the resignation and inaction that we allow ourselves the most. We are powerless and in all this senselessness the only thing we can do is to spray ourselves with our fashionable, decadent fragrance of the Smell of Eruption. After all, we are not giving up our amenities which may include an innocent perfume vial.