performatic action as a part of event:


The title is the verse from the original poetic text found in Lulemon writings entitled „Enough Already” (*we already have enough or we already are quite enough with what surrounds us). It corresponds with the issues that the authors of the program worked with, when for the last few weeks they tried to identify the fundamental problems and challenges of the modern world and the contemporary culture as they see it. Debating issues of both global and local nature, they asked questions about art, culture, their social role, communication and new media, alienation of the individual in the era of virtual networking, but also practices of collectivity and resistance to the „culture of acceleration” of late capitalism, the individual’s relation to society, philosophy of freedom, as well as borders, geographical, physical and metaphorical ones. 


In frames of Museum Night


former meet factory, 101 Garbary Street, Poznan, Poland