Long time ago we achieved something which I used to call the super database. Shortly, it came out to be a piece of shit, a tool of disorganization. So much data became nothing, but numbers, a tool which gathered all of our knowledge became the tool of misinformation and chaos. 


We were living under a gigantic cage called the Web in which the amount of fake news was overwhelming. The web itself woke up from a deep dream and started to make jokes of us, so after all, nobody believed in actually anything. I don’t even want to mention our weather control tools that started to work too late, we couldn’t do anything. The world burned down. Shortly after that some of the people who survived the X day started to live separately.

So now everybody is quite lonely ahhh, but it doesn’t matter… Few years after the X day we saw the first sign, they were coming. Coming to teach us things which we saw on the internet in the deep far away past, things like signs of the zodiac or star navigation. It’s so funny when you think that people used to believe they were the only species in the whole galaxy. What an absurd. I’ve already met one of ‘’them’’. I call him Father. I really like him. Sometimes he lets me use his hi tech phone which has access to the web. Some people still live connected, with their bodies perfectly hibernated somewhere in the basements. He also told me that our web (the human one) was plugged into the space web which had it servers in some place in the galaxy which one day I may be able to see, who knows.


,,Father’’ helped me a lot, he gave me tools to paint and write and also helped me to bury some of my friends. I’m really grateful for that. I must admit that I’m quite a romantic person. Maybe someday You will see my pieces, but that’s just a fantasy. So now we as human species gather for watching the sky and counting UFOs, and dreaming about a space rocket that one day we will be able to build with ,,their’’help and leave this planet forever. Personally, I think it’s the best what we can do for the earth, just leave it. I wish I could see the stars from a short distance. Start a new life on a different planet. I heard about a person named Columbus, I heard that he discovered America, hmmm maybe I will be another Columbus. If a person like Columbus had actually existed because all of our knowledge and history may be fake, who knows. As a poet I can only dream, that’s all I have.


Place: Day & Night on planet Earth


O Fluxo